Sue Moen

For Campbell River City Councilor


Sue Moen

For Campbell River City Councilor

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The Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services has just released their Report on Budget 2023 Consultations. There are several recommendations that Campbell River needs to be ready to jump on and I am committed to making sure we do.

Campbell River Art Gallery from their web site

The overarching theme of the report is “Equity, Inclusion and Diversity” which is also one of my core values. The report is framed to improve people’s everyday lives in ways that enhance mental and physical health – through education, housing, food & water security, arts, culture and sport and climate change actions- all of which I can get behind and push hard for.

Some of the highlights that could directly benefit Campbell River residents and businesses are:

Increase funding for post-secondary institutions to address capital under-investment; operational and program flexibility; student housing and supports. I’d love to see student housing erected at North Island College!

Increase funding for arts, culture and recreation including direct supports to artists and arts organizations, increased funding for libraries (particularly in remote, rural and First Nations communities); and increased funding to ensure more under-represented kids can access arts, sports and recreational opportunities. Campbell River could secure and enhance the excellent facilities and organizations we already have – Campbell River Museum, Maritime Heritage Centre, Tidemark and River City Theatres; Campbell River Art Gallery, to name just a few – and look at redeveloping Spirit Square to make it a year-round and weather-proof venue.

Increased funding and support for urban (and other) agriculture, food security programs (especially seniors) and improving local production and processing

Continue to facilitate Indigenous leadership in determining forest management and engagement in the forest economy and enable forestry‐related policies that manage forests in line with the practices and expectations
of Indigenous communities.

Identify new ideas and opportunities, including by working with local experts on the ground to ensure sustainability through forestry regeneration practices

I won’t repeat the whole section on Environment and Climate Change but it is all critical and immediately necessary. Campbell River can quickly move to de-carbonize the rest of the City fleet, increase geo-thermal uptake in new developments to reduce electricity requirements and improve energy efficiency in our public buildings, as a start.

One of the most exciting opportunities is captured in “Provide $75 million in sustained funding to the BC Watershed Security Fund”. I believe local communities should own and manage their watersheds in partnership with First Nations to make sure we have good, clean water for nature, for humans and for our kids.

I encourage you to read the report and reach out to me to discuss and plan for the upcoming fiscal year. We need to be pro-active and persistent to improve lives and opportunities.